About Sigasig

Introducing Sigasig — the future of athletic innovation fused with cultural vibrancy. 🌟 Our mission is simple yet bold: to empower the next generation of champions. Sigasig is more than just a brand; it's a movement to inspire, motivate, and support young athletes on their journey to greatness.
We believe that every young (or young at heart) athlete deserves apparel that’s as unique as their dreams and as resilient as their spirit. That’s why we create sports gear that’s not just functional but also tells a story, with designs that reflect the rich tapestry of cultural heritage.
Our commitment extends beyond fabric and thread; it's about nurturing a lifelong love for fitness and sports. Sigasig stands for confidence, for perseverance, and for the sheer joy of play. We're here to be part of every dive, every leap, and every sprint towards the finish line.
Join us in redefining sports apparel. Support the passion, the commitment, and the unwavering spirit of our youth. Be a part of the Sigasig legacy — where every stitch is a promise of potential realized.
👉 Pre-orders for batch 1 are now open until May 30, 2024. Gear up with Sigasig's culturally-inspired designs at https://sigasig.com 🙂
Let’s make every game, every match, and every race count. #SigasigSpirit #NextGenChampions
Welly & Ginger
Co-Founders of Sigasig